About Alan


Richard first mention this adventure to me in 2010. I thought it was a great idea and wished him luck with it. I thought at first I might join him for a couple of sections when they came close to London. As time went on I came to thinking it would be something special to do the whole trip. I had the time available and contacted Richard. He agreed it was possible to do the whole trip with him and Jethro, and so here I am. I hope that we raise a significant amount of money for Oxfam through Gifts for Heather on the way.

I have been interested in buses and transport since I was at school. I also became interested in photography and have combined the two hobbies. This has lead to pictures being published in the UK, Malta, Netherlands and Germany in various books and magazines.

I enjoy travel and as well as going around the UK have been overseas with work and for pleasure. This trip will certainly be a different way of seeing the UK and I look foeard to meeting other supported along the way.