About Richard...

Richard Stedall

Many of you will know who I am, but if you are coming to this site as a friend of a friend, or have made your way here independently (hello !) you may not know who I am...

My name is Richard Stedall and when not doing the day job (working for the Met Office), I am a transport enthusiast and photographer, with a particular interest in places outside of the UK where I live.

Born in 1972, I was raised in Kent, living in Rochester from 18 months old. When I left school at the age of 18, I went straight into the Met Office, where after some time as a Weather Observer, I moved across into the Commercial side of things, where I now look after a variety of customers in the Road and Rail markets. With my 20th anniversary in August 2010, it still seems like yesterday I joined.

Outside of the day job, a lot of my time is spent being both the Chairman and Managing Editor of Buses Worldwide, an organisation formed in 1985 to cater for bus enthusiasts who want to find out more about operations around the world. I am now ultimately responsible for the regular production of three magazines, and how overseen the publication of two books (with a third on the way). I am lucky though that in each case the day-to-day job of producing the magazines and the books falls to a team of dedicated souls, without whom I would be lucky to get one magazine out, let along three!

People have sometimes poked fun at "The Hobby", but it has taken me to some great places around the world, including in the past 12 years, Canada (several times), the US (several times), Morocco, Cuba, Spain, Italy, Berlin, Helsinki, The Baltic States, Switzerland, India ... oh and Malta around 20 times (!) where I have been slowly but surely researching the history of their fascinating buses.

I moved to the NE of England in 1997, buying my first house in the lovely village of Crawcrook. Sadly the office I worked at closed, and I then spent from 2000 to 2002 working at the Met Office HQ in Bracknell in Berkshire during the week, and going home to Tyneside at the weekends .. Talk about leading a double life ! Eventually when it was decided that HQ would move to Exeter in Devon, I moved to Okehampton in 2002, and have been happily living there ever since.