About The Travellers

David Jenkins (17th to 26th July inclusive)

Richard and David have known each other for nearly 20 years and have been on a number of trips around the world looking at transport - most recently Berlin in 2010. David will be joining the trip in Oxford (hopefully) and will be travelling up to John O'Groats, then back south as far as Leicester (where he has to leave the trip to go to a Stag Do in the Isle of Man).

Ian Johnston (19th to 23rd July inclusive)

Ian is also a member of the Buses Worldwide committee, and will be joining the trip in Preston and travelling with the party as far as Inverness.

Simon Brown (17th to 19th July inclusive)

Simon is the Hon Secretary of Buses Worldwide, and will be travelling from Oxford to Glasgow, before making his own way back south via Edinburgh and North East England.

John and Lesley Linsley (15th, 16th, 29th and 30th July)

John and Les are friends of the family (Les and Richard's mother Jenny grew up and went to school together). They will be travelling with the others through Devon and Cornwall at the start and the end of the trip.

Nick Rice (15th to 17th July)

Nick has known Richard ever since Richard moved to Devon in 2002, and has been on a number of Richard's trips to Malta (including the one just before the start of this charity trip !). Nick is starting the trip in Okehampton on day 1 and will be travelling at least as far as Bristol, possibly slightly further (if Richard can convince him!)

Ian Simpson (17th and 18th July)

Ian, also a Buses Worldwide member, will be joining the trip in Bristol at the start of day 3 and will be travelling as far as Liverpool. He is also hoping to get a number of his fellow bus enthusiasts who are based in the Merseyside area to come along for a ride in the Cheshire and Mersey areas.

Karen Barfoot (16th July)

Karen works with Richard at the Met Office in Exeter, and plans to do the Exeter to Taunton leg on day 2 to show her support.

Chris Maxfield (17th July)

Chris who works for Stagecoach in Oxford, will be joining the party on day 3 from either Bristol or Bath, and travelling to Wolverhampton. He too will have been in Malta until a few days before the start of the trip!

Keith Till (18th July)

Richard and Keith have been on many expeditions together to Malta, and is amongst the many enthusiasts who will be out there at the start of July to see off the old buses about to be retired (some after 50+ years service !). He plans to join the trip in Crewe, and had planned to travel as far as Preston, but may have to bail out at Liverpool - but it is his wedding anniversary so we'll let him off ;-)

Donald MacRae (23rd July)

Donald and Richard share many bus interests both in the UK and around the world. As the northern most based member of the party, he plans to meet the team in Wick, just after they have set off back south from John O'Groats and will be travelling with them back to Elgin.

Jenny Stedall (28th July)

Jenny is Richard (and Heather's) mother, and has been key to getting the whole thing done. Despite not being a good traveller on buses, she will be doing the first two legs on day 14 from the Medway Towns, through Maidstone to Tunbridge Wells. She would like to thank all those who have donated money and help - what a fantastic way to remember Heather and raise money for such a good cause.

Margaret Emerson (28th July)

Margaret and Richard are not only work colleagues, but good friends too, and have known each other for nearly 20 years now. Margaret has also helped raise several hundred Pounds for the collection pot by helping to sell the small stamp collection that belonged to Richard's late father Peter who died in 1994. Margaret will be joining the trip Maidstone and travelling to Brighton.

Paul Sheridan (28th July)

Paul and Richard went to school together from 1983 to 1990, and due to their surnames being together on the class register ended up sat next to one another for much of their early years at Rochester Math School. Thanks to Facebook they made contact with each other a year or two back for the first time in over 15 years, and this will be the first chance they have had to meet up since then. Paul will be joining in with the mammoth leg along the south coast from Brighton to Portsmouth - roughly 4 hours of bus ride without a break!

Steve Guess and Helen Nixon (28th and 29th July)

Steve is another member of the Buses Worldwide Committee where he is Vice-Chairman. Steve and Helen plan to join the trip in Brighton and travel along to Salisbury for the overnight stop. They then hope to travel through Dorset with the travellers before leaving them to make their way home.

Mark Howarth (30th July)

Mark is Managing Director of Western Greyhound, Cornwall's premier independent bus operator. He is planning to join the party in Penzance on the last day and travel out to Land's End with them, and then back to Newquay. He hopes to bring some of his family along too, and who knows, maybe even a toy to play with on the last day too!